This informative film documents the purpose of a camp designed specifically for children dealing with diabetes. The clips and narrative text show how making informed decisions about their health can make an incredible difference to the lives of children living with diabetes.

Film Title: Today They Live: Teaching the Young Diabetic
Production Date: 1952
Filming Location: The Children’s Orthopaedic Section; Mt Eliza, Victoria
Media: 16 mm colour film, silent
Duration: Digitised 25.13 minutes
Producer: The Royal Children’s Hospital, Victoria in collaboration Dr G C Amies
Accession Number: 2018.2454

Any opinions, social attitudes and medical advice contained in this film reflect the society and medical practice accepted at the time the film was made.

Attitudes, community standards, and medical opinions change over time with societal and medical advances.
Please view this film with a historical perspective in mind, and be aware that any opinions, attitudes, and advice depicted are no longer representative of The Royal Children’s Hospital.

This film may have been edited to comply with privacy laws and ethics guidelines.