The Good Friday Appeal found its beginnings in 1931 when the staff of The Sporting Globe newspaper organised a charity sports carnival. Held annually thereafter, the event format proved highly popular until attendance declined due to the outbreak of WWII in 1939. During the darkest years of the war, staff from The Sporting Globe, The Herald and The Weekly Times re-convened to discuss how they could continue to raise funds for The Children’s Hospital. Popular radio station 3DB offered use of their broadcast to assist the cause. On Good Friday in 1942, the first all-day radio appeal was held on 3DB. Popular entertainers and members of the public volunteered their time and the event raised over 8000 pounds, firmly establishing itself as an important fundraiser for the hospital.

Today, the Good Friday Appeal is by far the most widely supported and best recognised charity event associated with The Royal Children’s Hospital. The Good Friday Appeal online exhibition offers a few highlights from throughout the years and illustrates how the whole state of Victoria joins in to fundraise for a common cause.