Getting Up is a short film that captures the early morning rituals for both patients and staff at The Royal Children’s Hospital. It is a strong reminder that hospital care is often a 24 hour endeavour, especially where young children are involved. There is much more to treatments than just doctors and surgeries – the kindness and comforts provided by hospital staff are also aids to the healing process.

Film Title: Getting Up
Production Date: Circa 1972
Location:  The Royal Children’s Hospital; Parkville, Victoria
Media: 16mm black and white film, with sound
Measurement: 5.38 minutes
Maker: The Royal Children’s Hospital; Parkville, Victoria
Rights: Film courtesy of The Royal Children’s Hospital
Accession Number: 2018.2479

This film may have been edited to comply with privacy laws and ethics guidelines.
Any opinions, social attitudes and medical advice contained in this film reflect the society and medical practice accepted at the time the film was made.
Attitudes, community standards, and medical opinions change over time with societal and medical advances. Please view this film with a historical perspective in mind, and be aware that any opinions, attitudes, and advice depicted are no longer representative of The Royal Children’s Hospital.