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Change of Management Structure
State legislation mandated that the committee size was reduced from 21 to 12 members. New members were appointed by the Minister of Health and the hospital’s political autonomy was reduced.
Lady Rosemary Derham
Elected as president of the hospital's Board of Management, Lady Derham held this position until 1983.
Reorganisation of Hospital into a Divisional Structure
The hospital took steps to meet accreditation criteria and clarify the administrative structure.
Dr Barry Catchlove AM
Appointed as CEO in 1981, Catchlove made a great many structural and staffing changes. He held the position until 1991.
First Male President of the Hospital Committee
Ken Keown was elected as president of the hospital Board of Management, ending the long history of a woman-led management committee.
Women’s and Children’s Health Care Network
Victorian Government strategy merged the Children’s and the Women’s Hospital. This partnership was in place until 2004.
Women’s and Children’s Healthcare Network Renamed Women’s and Children’s Health
Independent Governance
The hospital transitioned to independent governance after nine years as part of Women’s and Children’s Health partnership with the Women’s Hospital.