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Debt Crisis
The hospital was forced to dispose of assets and impose financial restrictions. Around 350 staff were cut.
‘Going Nuts with Macadamia’ First Aired
The Education Resource Team produced the hospital's first in-house television show. Now known as ‘Be Positive’, the show provides patients with a morale boost, entertainment, and familiarisation with hospital equipment and procedures.
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Aboriginal Liaison Policy Advisory Committee Established
The committee consisted of hospital staff and Indigenous community members.
Introduction of High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation
Centre for Community Child Health Established
The centre supports health and development of vulnerable and disadvantaged children.
Professor Margot Prior AO
After a distinguished career as an orchestral musician, Prior returned to studying and became a Professor of Clinical Psychology. At the RCH, she was the first woman in Australia to be appointed as director of psychology.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment First Used at the Hospital
Image credit: Lloyd Ellis
First Liver Transplant
Baby Jordyn was the youngest liver transplant patient in Australia.
Women’s and Children’s Health Care Network
Victorian Government strategy merged the Children’s and the Women’s Hospital. This partnership was in place until 2004.
First Aboriginal Family Support Worker
Neville Austin was appointed to this role, which was created after much advocacy from the Aboriginal Liaison Policy Advisory Committee.
Image credit: Peta Philp
First Gait Laboratory in Australia
For treatment of orthopaedic conditions.
The University of Melbourne School of Graduate Nursing Established
Professorial Chair of Child Health Nursing based at the RCH.
RCH International Established
Based on the success of Professor Garry Warne AM’s annual lectures at the National Hospital of Paediatrics in Vietnam, a new department was established. Initially known as Children's Hospital Asia-Pacific Alliance, RCH International used grants to build programs, design facilities and provide training for Asian hospitals and their staff.
First National Sorry Day
May 26th, 1998
Image credit: Janelle Jakowenko
Publication of ‘RCH: a History of Faith, Science and Love’
Researched and written by historian Dr Peter Yule, the book is a comprehensive review of the history of the hospital.